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How do you transform a century-old brand from invisible to unignorable?

You lean in to what made them iconic in the first place.

Bragg is a 112 year old brand. It’s the market leader. They have a cult following. And at the same time, nobody thinks about them. We ​​leveraged the brand’s inherent quirkiness and the insight that Bragg’s consumers have no problem with raw, unfiltered solutions that help them stay healthy, even if some people find the solution a little intense and “weird”.

112 Years
Introducing Bragg

The Results

We challenged the all-too-common perception that apple cider vinegar is weird and off putting and owned it. 

This all came together with the idea: It’s Not Weird If It Works.

555% Increase in new site views

248% Increase in engaged site sessions

70% More store locator clicks

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