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How do you convince people to switch to the most reliable internet in Iowa?
Make it a name they’ll remember.

Nowadays you need to be “on” all the time. And ImOn offers reliable broadband, all day, every day. So you’re always on. Which is, well, in the name. So we capitalized on that name in a memorable campaign that stood out from the competition, particularly during the Super Bowl. In addition to broadcast, the campaign included digital, social, and radio.

Who's On?

The Results

Thanks to the classic ‘Who’s on first’ comedy, ImOn made the top 10 regional Super Bowl spots. And after the campaign launch, ImOn Internet saw an increase in website traffic and new sign-ups, all while creating a lot of fun around who’s on ImOn.

The entire campaign was out in the world in record time, almost as fast as ImOn internet.

2 Weeks From Hack to Superbowl

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