Odell Wine Project | Fortnight Collective

Brewing Co.


What does a craft brewery do once they’ve mastered beer?

Make wine too.

We partnered with the brewers at Odell Brewing Co. to take their skills where they’ve never been before – into the world of wine. We built the new wine brand from the ground up, crafting brand strategy, naming, design, and campaign launch. Pulling inspiration from the spontaneous order of nature, we gave each can its own organic fingerprint linking the natural wine-making process with the fermentation skills of the master brewers at Odell.  

The Results

A lot of wine was drunk. Even oenophiles agree that Odell can do more than beer.

The launch was a huge success, and the line continues to grow.

350,000 cans sold

1000+ rave reviews

1 frontier of fermentation broken

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