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Will sticking to your roots help you stand out as a wellness expert in a crowded category?

You betchya.

We delivered a fresh new brand campaign for Fargo, North Dakota-based Swanson Health, embracing its Midwestern roots with an earnest outlook and friendly locals. The digital, broadcast, and print-based work was intended to raise awareness and consideration of Swanson by celebrating its uniquely helpful roots and humble values. And in this spot, a lively local leads you through what makes Swanson so great.

Be Well Now

The Results

With a lot of pep, a bit of stop-motion magic, and fun tunes, this spot is all about wellness with a touch of Fargo hospitality.

The work carved out a unique brand position in the wellness industry with this regional approach, reinvigorating a 55 year-old brand.

30% Uptick in direct traffic to the site

9% Increase in ad click performance

18% Increase in catalog performance

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