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How do you get Airbnb hosts to try another platform?
Let Vrbo hosts convince them.  

Knowing hosts are the key to a great Vrbo experience, we launched the brand’s first-ever host-facing broadcast campaign, “Let’s Do Together Together”. Real-life Vrbo hosts shared the love they put into their rental properties, bringing people together in a home away from home.

Your Dream guest awaits

On average, guests who book on Vrbo spend twice as much — and stay significantly longer. This campaign invited hosts to find out how much more they could earn if they booked more high-value guests with Vrbo.


This campaign ran in multiple countries in different languages across the globe, sharing the message of togetherness worldwide.

The Results

Being a Vrbo host became a badge of honor for providing an exceptional guest experience. Brand awareness shot up, closing the gap on Airbnb on key touchpoints.

Hosts flocked to Vrbo. Guests noticed too and Vrbo had its largest volume of summer booking ever. 

1 silver effie

4 continents

1 big vrbo host family

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